Pi Day

“The roundest knight at King Arthur’s table was Sir Cumference. He got that way from Pi.”

Hello! This marks my foray in to the blog community. I thought about starting a blog when I started my current job over nine years ago telling people about the day I had and the interesting stories of my work, but I forgot. Besides, now I would rather be known for the rest of my life than my career. I hate being introduced to new people as ‘This is Keith; he’s a [my career].’ I would much rather be known as a husband, a father-to-be, and someone that loves games.

So why Keith Squared? Well, my last name is Keith. I answer to that as much as my first name. Also my wife is pregnant with twins. 2*2 = 4 or two squared. My wife also said it’s a good title because I’m such a square. Thanks babe! She is six months and a few days along as of writing. I figure that my insights into raising twins while balancing my gaming may help someone somewhere, and if it does, then I’ll be glad.

Why I am starting it ths blog now? I am a gamer. I am also an amateur game designer. I’m in the process of creating a game. A friend and I are looking into starting a game company to publish our thoughts and ideas. While researching information about artists and Kickstarter I came across this website: stonemaiergames.com. One of the pages is lessons about Kickstarter and one of those lessons is Write¬†a Blog. So here I am. I hope to write a couple of paragraphs each day about my life, my hobbies, and anything I find relevant.


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