Ides of March

“March 15, 1973–George McFly is murdered.”

Nerd! I hear this all the time, like it’s an insult. Some of my coworkers and most of my friends are into games. Still you hear the word said in a bad way. I’ve embraced it. Apparently the main stream has embraced nerdiness since The Big Bang Theory is a hit show, there’s movies that depict comic book characters, and nearly every city has some sort of board game cafe. Nerd is no longer an insult. It’s an honor to be known for intelligence and for finding fun in pieces of plastic, wood, paper with friends that enjoy the same thing.

My friends come from all walks of life and each of us loves games. There’s the coworker that also rides motorcyles with the “Alpha Male” coworker crowd. There’s the guy that doesn’t have a job because he’s disabled. There’s the guy that has a family with two kids and a stay-at-home wife that allows him to go out and have fun. There’s the guy who works in the medical field and comes to the games, not so much because he started out as a gamer, but has become a gamer because he enjoys being around us. Most of my friendships come out from my love of games.

One of my best friends is a guy with whom I went to high school. We really didn’t hang out during high school except to go to a mutual friend’s house to do term papers on his computer and watch him play Tecmo Football. After high school, we started hanging around more realizing we had common interests in The Beatles and Dungeon & Dragons. We found someone to be our Dungeon Master and from then on we have always played when we could. It sucks I moved away to be closer to family, but we keep in touch fairly often thanks to the internet and mobile phones.

For all the talk about friends and games, there is one thing that makes me laugh: my wife is not a gamer. She, however, indulges me. She’s more than willing to try a game. She recently asked to play the game I’m in the process of playtesting. She won! I like that she tries. She asked me to play it after seeing the time and effort I have put into it so far. ¬†We have our little subset of games that we’ll play when we are out some where but they are usually fairly smple card games like Love Letter or Fluxx. She doesn’t like the more complex games such as Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Doomtown, or 7 Wonders. They just don’t fit her style of game. But she is always in for a game of Pictionary.


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