My Most Recent Games

I recently went to a game swap meet at a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). I took some games that I hadn’t played in a while: Dominion, Agricola, Mistfall, and a couple others I can’t remember. At this swap meet I was able to find a few games that I’ve been wanting to own for a while and trade for them. Here is the list:

Quarriors. Who doesn’t love more dice?! This is similar to a deck building game but uses dice instead. It was also the inspiration of the collectible dice game Dice Masters. You start with 12 basic dice. You pull 6 dice out and roll them and according to the face that shows, you may purchase other dice from among 7 different creatures or 3 different spells. The purchased dice and the used dice are put aside. On your next turn you pull from your bag and roll again. Once there are no dice in your bag, you put all the dice you placed aside back into your bag to draw from. The creatures are used to attack your opponent’s creatures and are used to score points if they don’t die. The first player to 20 wins. It’s a prettty swingy game considering you’re at the whims of fate. But it plays quick once you know how to play. One word of warning: the rulebook is not very good.

Mice and Mystics. This is a lite role-playing game that takes place over an overarcing story (campaign). The premise is that you are people in a castle that the evil queen wants to kill. When you’re thrown in the dungeon and as you’re about to be interrogated the wizard casts a spell that makes you mice. The first part of the story is that you are racing from the dungeon to a large tree in the courtyard to find safety from the queen. Along the way you fight rats, roaches, and possibly even the castle’s cat. The pla is very cooperative and the story is actually entertaining. I would recommend this game with anyone that has a kid. I know I’ll bring it out when my kids are old enough.

Street Fighter Deck-Building Game. I would have preferred The Lord of the Rings ones but this is fine too. I’ve already talked how these are one of my favorite games, and now I finally own one.

Android: Netrunner. I traded this straight across for my The Lord of the Rings The Card Game since my coworker said it was really good. It is a two player game based in a fututre where the corporations run every aspect of people’s lives. The player is attempting to hack into a corporation to rid it of files. The corporation it trying to stop that. The game is based on a collectible card game from the mid 90s that the creator of Magic: The Gathering made as well but didn’t do as well. It was however considered a better game than Magic. It’s fun and there are tons of expansion for it.

Last one: Pass the Pigs. I got this more for the nostalgia since I played it with my family as a kid, but also as another game that my wife and I could play waiting for food or an appointment. It has rubber pig-shaped dice that can land in various ways and depending on how each lands determines your score for the round. It’s a quick game to play. Small too.


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