The Beatles

“As far as I’m concerned, there won’t be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead.”- George Harrison

I am a huge Beatles fan. I have the thirteen mainstream albums released by them in the US on a shelf in my living room. I know being a Beatles fan is cliche since they were such a big band.

I first came into knowledge of the Beatles the freshman year of high school. I became friends with a guy that was really into the 60s and so by extension me too. I found that my parents had a few CDs of the Beatles so I started to listen to them over and over. I found that I liked the later stuff more. My favorite song is Let It Be from the Let It Be album. The single of Let It Be sounds different in that the guitar is softer than the album version. I soon got all the Beatles albums and taped them in order to listen to them on my walkman.

I grew my hair out but luckily never got into drugs. I started listening to classic rock more. I wrote a paper for my history class on how the Beatles revolutionized the recording industry. I used the same paper for my English class and got a D on it because I didn’t underline or put quotes on each and every album or song. Can you still tell I’m bitter about it?

I was one of the few people to buy The Beatles: RockBand. I wish they had released all the sing for downloadable content; I would’ve bought them all. There is a LEGO set of the Yellow Submarine that was just released in November that I wish I had. I know I’ll get it eventually but I think it will look geat next to my LEGO Architecture set Fallingwater and LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer.

I’m still a huge Beatles fan and my wife likes them too. I have never seen anyone of them in concert, but have resigned myself thatI never will.


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