Dodecahedron Games, LLC

“Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” —Paul Rand

Well… we’re LIVE!!!!! Dodecahedron Games is now a reality! I’ve wanted to have my own game company or have a game store for most of my adult life. We nearly tried when I was 18 but I squandered the money away and it never happened. So now that I am older, wiser, and more capable, I have teamed up with a partner, Eric Lindgren, to launch our game company, Dodecahedron Games!

So about anonymity… I guess that’s falling by the wayside. I am Michael Keith. I am a husband, soon-to-be father times two, and amatuer game designer. I hope to become a professional game designer, but that’s what creating this company will hopefully do.

We have three games in various planning stages. The first game, that I lead the design for, is titled Quest! Yes, with an exclamation point. In Quest!, players take the role of various guilds in the city of Grash hiring adventurers and sending them on quests. Completing these quests gain you favor with the citizens of Grash, and if you get enough favor, you win! It’s a fun, strategic card game. We are calling it a Role-Playing Card Game. It is currently the game that we’ve worked on the most and we will be demoing it at Borderlands Games in Salem, Oregon on April 29, International Table Top Day. It will be a crude demo with no artwork on the cards, but we should have mock ups of what we believe the cards will look like.

The second game is a strategic battle game based on chess for which Eric is leading the design. Not much is done with this game flavor and ruleswise, since we are currently focusing all our company’s energy on Quest! The third game that is in the works is a deck builder that has a bunch of player interaction which most deck builders don’t.

I can’t wait until we are far enough along to actually have a working model for the game. Everything seems to be happening pretty fast, so I feel that this is a good thing.


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