Another hobby of mine is LEGO. I am an AFOL: Adult Fan of LEGO. Oh yeah… it’s LEGO, not Lego, although I personally will use either. I got my first set when I was so young that I don’t remember. I remember having a police station, fire station, construction company, and a shell station. The first set I remember getting was the castle from the early 80s.

As I grew up, I sort of grew out of it. I still bought sets occasionally in middle school and high school, but I really started collecting sets when LEGO got the Star Wars license. I brought all the Episode 4/5/6 sets except the Millenium Falcon when they originally came out. I have the LEGO Ulitmate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer which is the largest set I own. My wife allows me to have it on our game shelf. I did sell a bunch of LEGO sets (including most of the Star Wars stuff) for my wife’s wedding ring. She realized how much I love her for parting with my “toys.” However I have slowly started getting more. I bought the first of the Lord of the Rings (not The Hobbit) sets. I have them sitting in my garage unopened so hopefully in the future they’ll be worth something.

Since The LEGO Company actually has the instructions for their sets available for free on their website, I am slowly amassing pieces in order to make the UCS series of stuff. Of course, so pieces are rarer than others, so there will be some changes. But the going is slow since I have to set aside money for these. Luckily there are a couple of third-party stores around here that have bins of loose pieces, so I’ll need to write down the pieces I want and rummage through them. It is fairly inexpensive too, so hopefully it won’t be too much to put the ones I want together.


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