Well we had the baby shower on Sunday night and it was revealed that we are having identical girls! Yay! Now I can get two shotguns! My friends are already marrying them off to their children so I’ve requested a dowry of 16 camels each. I was hoping for girls actually. I know as a dad, the thought is you want a boy to follow in your footsteps, to teach him manly ways, to be able to throw a baseball back and forth, and teach them how to do wood working. But I ask you: why can’t you do that with girls? I’m not someone who thinks women can do everything a man can do, nor can a man do everything a woman does. But in the instance of my girls, I will show them what I do but I won’t not let them do what they want to do. I’ve not going to force them to play games, I’m going to show them games and hope they develop a love of games as I have.

I’m already thinking of all the little LEGO sets that are geared towards girls. In fact, I have the molded plastic base for a princess castle that I might be able to buy pieces to put together. LEGO Elves and LEGO Friends are interesting looking series of sets, but the mainstream sets are really cool too. I can’t wait until they are old enough to play games. My friend with twins is just about to introduce them to gaming and the three player games that he wouldn’t be able to do if he only had a singleton. Having them love role-playing games will be a great thing. Being a nerd nowadays is not looked down upon as much as it was when I was a child. So I think they’ll be fine. I know my wife is hoping they will pick up an instrument. She’s musical and would love to teach them that. I’ve also heard stuff like that skips a generation, so who knows.


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