A Game Shed

Most people have a garden shed. I want a game shed. I have enough room in my yard that I can build as big as I can without a permit. In my municipality, a shed can not be larger than 200 square feet or over 10 feet tall without a permit. They way that the city measures the height of the shed is they take the tallest portion of the roof and measure down to the eaves then average it. So the overall height of a shed can be over 10 feet tall.

My ideal size for the shed would be 12′ x 16′ with 8′ tall sides and a 4′ tall gambrel roof. A gambrel roof is a barn style roof, so there would be a bunch of attic space. After some scale drawings and checking clearances, it looks like I can do a 12′ x 12′ room for the game room. I have a 4′ x 6′ table that would work perfectly in the space, plus leave room for a couple or three IKEA Kallax shelves for books and such. The other 4′ x 12′ area would be the garden shed. I plan on insulating the game shed on all sides and the top and bottom to make it cozy. As well as drywalling and painting it. There will be a folding staircase for the attic in order to save space above and below.

On the walls I would like to put all the maps that Paizo has put out for Pathfinder RPG on the walls. On the 12′ wall though there will be a large white board, with smaller whiteboards either next to it, or on other walls. The left over wall space (which probably won’t be much, will hold puzzles I’ve put together of castles. Lighting will not be harsh, I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do there. Eventually I will either have a LCD TV in my table to put the minis on for the maps, or I will have a projector mounted above.

This is my dream, but I’m not sure when it will be realized. My house is really too small for four people to live in. Perhaps we will move before the girls get too old.


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