Magic: The Gathering

One of my favorite games is Magic: The Gathering. I’ve been playing it off and on since 1995. I started in Ice Age, stopped just before Exodus came out, started again just after Onslaught came out and stopped just before Shadowmoor, then played again in Zendikar and Worldwake, then Innistrad through Avacyn Restored, then I started finally just before Eldritch Moon came out. I have bought and sold more cards than I can count. I was able to set most of my cards at one time for nearly $2000 which helped pay off a couple of debts.

My favorite type of deck is called Turbofog. It consists of drawing a bunch of cards and preventing an opponent from damaging you. There are board sweepers that kill all creatures then you play your very few creatures and win that way or by making your opponent draw more cards than he or she has. In fact, I like the deck so much that when I got back into Magic this last time, for my Commander deck, I built a TurboFog deck. It’s hard to get the ratios right when you working with 100 single cards, than 60 cards of which you can have multiples.

My favorite format to play is Sealed. This is where you get 6 unopened packs of 15 cards and make your own 40 card deck. It really levels the playing field and allows people to try to determine which card is better than another in a limited environment. My favorite type of sealed event is the Standard Sealed. Where each player gets one pack of each set that is in Standard (The newest six sets) and you need to make a deck out of that. It’s much more fun than trying to make stuff out of just one set.

Magic is coming up on it’s 25th anniversary. I can’t believe that I’ve been playng almost as long! It’s a geat game to play and learn, and with several casual formats, there’s really no reason that anyone shouldn’t keep a deck around and updated it after every set comes out.


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